Tips For Installing Canopy Tents

The first step to installing a Canopy Tent is choosing the perfect location. This should be a flat, clear, grassy area with all debris and obstacles removed. Once the location is chosen and ready, you will want to remove the tent from the bag, unfold, and position to your liking. 

Begin assembling two piece side poles and placing near each grommet along the perimeter. Drop one stake at each mid-point and two stakes on each corner. Once completed, you are ready to start staking. Insert the stake into the ring on the guy lines and place approximately five to six feet out from the tent. Make your way around the entire perimeter repeating the process.

Now that all the stakes are in the ground and poles are assembled,, you are ready to start raising the tent. We recommend starting at opposite corners,  insert side poles into grommets  and raise so that bottom of poles slant toward the center of the canopy. Adjust the guy rope to apply some tension and continue to the other two corners, then the sides.

Now you are ready to raise the center pole(s). Assemble the three piece pole and insert it into the center pole hole and wrap the rope around the pole. It is now time to tighten the guy ropes along the perimeter and straighten the poles to tension the tent. 

It is important to remember to periodically check on the guy ropes to ensure they are tight as heat and rain can stretch the vinyl and cause the tent to droop. As with any tent, we highly recommend evacuation if threatening weather occurs or if there is doubt concerning the safe use of the product.

Congratulations, you officially installed a canopy tent, now it is time to party! 

Feel free to print off our Canopy Tent Instructions to use in the field.

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