Choosing The Right Style Tent - Frame or Canopy

There are two main types of tents: Frame Tents and Canopy Tents. While both tents ultimately give you shade and protection from the weather, there are distinct differences and pros and cons to each.

Frame Tents

The main advantage of Frame Tents is that there are no center poles so you have more room under the tent and depending on the size, staking or ballasting may only be required on the four corners. For larger tents, stakes are used on mid-poles however they are generally close to the frame to alleviate tripping hazards. Frame tents are free standing structures which may be installed on a variety of surfaces and installation comes standard with Sportsplex Rentals. One thing to always keep in mind thought is that although frame tents are free standing structures, they do still require staking or ballasting to ensure safety.

Canopy Tents

Canopy tents have center poles and require staking at every pole. These tents are light weight tension structures for grass installations and come at a lower price point than a frame tent. Customers can choose to install this style tent themselves or have professional installation by Sportsplex Rentals. The stakes are what gives the tent the tension it needs to support the vinyl. Canopies are ideal for shade or light rain but are not suited for windy or extreme weather conditions.

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